This is from a small vacation trip to Turnovo - the old capital . My outdoor skills are getting rusty but I still enjoy it a lot :)

От разходка до Търново . Почти съм забравила как се рисува с бои и навън, но все още много ми харесва.


An ear can break a human heart As quickly as a spear ...

This is the background for an illustration I made for a birthday present - I decided  it's not a bad way to mark with it part of Emily Dickinson's "The saddest noise, the sweetest noise" poem . I only want to show work that's only mine here the rest of the illustration is based on a sketch that I colored so I left it out .

Част от илюстрация , която правих за подарък - останалата част е базирана на чужда скица и я пропускам тук . Реших да поствам само изцяло мой неща . Цитата е от стихотворение на Емили Дикенсън .


White sparrow

 This Christmass I saw a white sparrow ! IT was truly amazing ! I am even more happy that I had my camera with me with all the gear so I can capture the moment even more . There is a saying and a legend in bulgarien culture that if you see a white swallow all your illnesses and worries will go away and you will be forever happy . The legend says sick people seek it all the time but never find it . Well guys I saw a white sparrow and you know what ? It's even better !!! As you know I really like small birds so when my uncle told me that the bird has been living in our back yard for the last three years and feeling great apparеntly I was even more excited :) I finally took some time to draw it ... I hope I will have some time to do it again cuz I freekin' love that bird


Achievement star

I strongly recommend people using some kind of reward system in conversations and disagriements  among friends and relatives . Maybe a badge or a monopoly dollar or something like this star . I feel that no matter how much you like the person you are talking to , a lot of the time harsh conversations end with a fight or just bad . Some kind of bullshit reward system is maybe the way to end things in a better way ...

I am editing this post and showing some of the other stars that came up . People love being starred :)


Stephan Ligavotte`

My first thing purely for fun in a long long time . I'm not sure if it turned the way I wanted it or even ok  ... there's a story here but I'll leave it for another time maybe ...



this is me

people from work

Тhis is  me and some people from work that I recently made friends with at the new place (Gameloft)  Sometimes we all did some silly really quick sketches for each other - these are some of mine that are ok .

Stef is on the first one ... the others don't have pages or blogs ...

work stuff

I did those for a nice guy that gave me money for them :)

cybergod's BD present

Nikolai had a BDay in september and I tried to make him some kind of a present . His sketch is one of my favorite ones ( and it's even a really  old one ) so I tried to put some color in it .